At Temasek, we do things today with tomorrow in mind. 

Our MERITT values underpin our actions – how we do things is as important as what we do. We believe in meritocracy, strive for excellence, and always act with integrity and respect for others. Teamwork and trust complete our values set. We support a balanced and sustainable work life environment through programmes that develop both professional competencies and personal growth.

As a responsible investor, we are committed to delivering value over the long term in a sustainable manner. The generation of long term sustainable returns depends on stable, well-functioning and well-governed social, environmental and economic systems. We consider social, environmental and governance factors when we make decisions as an investor, asset owner and shareholder. We work to understand the impact of our portfolio companies. 

As a disciplined investor, we believe that dialogue and robust exchanges of information, best practices and ideas between key stakeholders from the public and private sectors are critical enablers of sustainable growth. Through our Ecosperity platform, we aim to promote the idea that growth and development go hand in hand with an abiding respect and commitment for a clean and sustainable environment.

We continue to advocate good governance and to uphold the Santiago Principles for sovereign investing, which we helped shape in 2008.

We look across generations as a steward. Our investments in microfinance as well as small and medium enterprise financing help to support enterprise, job creation and better earnings through skills upgrading. In turn, this helps to empower local communities to achieve better economic self-sufficiency and progress.

Beyond Temasek, our investments in people, through various endowments, focus on education and health care, community building, scientific and medical research, as well as institutional development.

In 2014, our inaugural Ecosperity conference brought together global CEOs, top public officials and thought leaders to explore issues and ideas on sustainable growth in natural resources. The focus for 2015 is urbanisation trends.