(as at 31 March)

Our Staff by Nationality

Staff by Nationality

We strive to live up to our Temasek Charter, and are guided by our MERITT values in all that we do.

Building the Institution

Our employees play an important role in shaping and strengthening our institution. We organise our staff into various task forces to review and discuss issues ranging from our investments and portfolio, to our branding, culture and organisation. 

These task forces bring together employees from across the firm, to brainstorm ideas and develop strategies to build new capabilities. These initiatives and forums allow us to harness ideas from within the organisation, calibrate our decisions, and become more effective and efficient in the work that we do. 

Our employees play an important role in shaping and strengthening our institution.

Developing Our People

We take a broad view of human capital and talent. We believe that diverse talent can inject fresh perspectives, generate new ideas and innovative approaches. A diverse talent pool means that we have to continually ensure our talent development plans remain agile and relevant.

Our four key pillars of talent development – Experience, Exposure, Education and Enrichment – provide broad ranging opportunities to develop our staff and strengthen their capabilities.

  • Experiential learning allows our employees to gain practical knowledge and skills through stretch assignments, job rotations and/or secondment to our platform companies.
  • Our staff participate in various firm-wide projects for Exposure, and to strengthen their organisational skills. These are opportunities for them to work with diverse teams, and enhance collaboration among colleagues.
  • To embrace a culture of continuous learning, we have in place a comprehensive suite of Education programmes for all levels of staff.
  • We provide buddying, mentoring and coaching programmes to our employees to Enrich their growth in Temasek, and also deploy 360 degree feedback to further enhance their development journey.

Being a Diverse & Inclusive Organisation

We celebrate the cultural diversity of our people, by organising celebrations to mark key ethnic festivals and holidays together. As an inclusive organisation, we extend many firm events and activities to members of our larger Temasek family – which includes our staff’s families, our former employees, and colleagues from our portfolio companies.

  • We organise Chinese New Year lo heis and lion dances, Ramadan Iftars (or break-fast dinners) as well as Deepavali celebrations. Our annual Kids@Work Day remains a popular year-end Christmas party.
  • Our Temasek Alumni Network enables over 500 of our former employees to stay connected with each other, and with Temasek, at various alumni networking events.
  • In conjunction with our 40 th anniversary, we organised a special T40 Games, where 22 teams from Temasek and our portfolio companies came together to compete in various sports. The Games provided an opportunity for all of us to build new friendships, foster teamwork and strengthen our camaraderie.

Making A Difference

We believe we can make a difference, individually and collectively. Our “Make A Difference” (MAD) programme was introduced to inculcate a culture of taking personal ownership and responsibility. Various non-financial individual and team MAD targets are set for each year, covering health, self, institution and community. These are facilitated by various company support initiatives.

For the year ended 31 March 2015, we again achieved a 100% completion of all MAD targets set for the year. Some targets such as Temasek Code of Ethics and Conduct (T-Code) compliance and health screening are requisite requirements before we are eligible for the relevant annual target incentives.

Staying Healthy

Our MAD health targets aim to encourage and support our staff in their daily efforts to stay fit and healthy. We provide health screening and encourage healthy eating habits. We have a variety of lunch-hour and after-work fitness programmes to cater to the different exercise interests of our employees, ranging from yoga and pilates to kickboxing and circuit training.

Equipping Our People with Life Skills

Part of our MAD ‘self’ targets involves learning new skills as a way to keep current and stay relevant. Our people have embraced the opportunity to develop skills that serve a purpose beyond the workplace. During 2014, all our staff completed Basic First Aid training, complementing our 2013 MAD target to train staff in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the event of heart failure.

Observing Our T-Code

Among our MAD institutional targets is compliance with our T-Code. We are pleased to report another year of no violations. 

Lending a Hand Globally

We do not exist in a vacuum, apart from our broader community. We are proud to help and support those in need, or serve our community in various ways. We have designated our incorporation date, 25 June, as our annual Community Day, where staff in all our offices around the world play a part helping those in need. There is also a range of staff-led volunteering activities, supporting many beneficiaries and community organisations.

Active Volunteers

Our staff are active volunteers in many outreach programmes with different non-profit social support groups and self-help organisations.

Nurturing the Future Generation

We spent time with over 280 students from Crest Secondary School at our Community Day, playing space-themed games and challenges specially designed to inculcate the values of self-worth, resilience and teamwork.


Empowerment through Play

Our Mumbai office colleagues spent an afternoon playing handball with 40 underprivileged children under the Magic Bus programme – facilitating conversations on gender equality and sharing life experiences.


Giving Hope to Cancer Patients

In Hanoi, our colleagues subsidised treatment and living costs for disadvantaged cancer patients. We provided subsidy for the cancer treatment for nine child patients.


Serving Meals to the Needy

Our New York team spent a day in a non-profit soup kitchen, helping to prepare and serving hot and nutritious meals to more than 120 needy individuals.