Temasek was incorporated in 1974 to commercially manage an initial portfolio valued at S$354 million, acquired from the Singapore Minister for Finance. This move enabled the Singapore Government to focus on its core role of policymaking and regulations.

Companies in bold are still within the Temasek portfolio, directly or indirectly, while the rest have been divested or liquidated.

  1. Acma Electrical Industries Ltd
  2. Cerebos Singapore Pte Ltd
  3. Chemical Industries (F.E.) Ltd
  4. Development Bank of Singapore Ltd
  5. Instant Asia Cultural Shows Pte Ltd
  6. Insurance Corporation of Singapore Ltd
  7. International Development and Construction Corporation
  8. Intraco Ltd
  9. Jurong Bird Park Pte Ltd
  10. Jurong Holdings Pte Ltd
  11. Jurong Shipbuilders Pte Ltd
  12. Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd
  13. Keppel Shipyard Pte Ltd
  14. Metrawood Pte Ltd
  15. Ming Court Hotel Ltd
  16. Mitsubishi Singapore Heavy Industries Pte Ltd
  17. National Engineering Services Pte Ltd
  18. National Grain Elevator Ltd
  19. National Iron & Steel Mills Ltd
  20. Neptune Orient Lines Ltd
  21. Primary Industries Enterprises Pte Ltd
  22. Sembawang Holdings Pte Ltd
  23. Singapore Airlines Ltd
  24. Singapore Airport Duty-Free Emporium Pte Ltd
  25. Singapore Cable Car Pte Ltd
  26. Singapore General Aviation Service Company Pte Ltd
  27. Singapore National Printers Pte Ltd
  28. Singapore Offshore Petroleum Services Pte Ltd
  29. Singapore Textiles Industries Ltd
  30. Singapore Treasury Building Pte Ltd
  31. Singapore Zoological Gardens
  32. Singmanex Pte Ltd
  33. Sugar Industry of Singapore Ltd
  34. United Industrial Corporation Ltd
  35. United Vegetable Oil Pte Ltd
Under the Singapore Minister for Finance (Incorporation) Act (Chapter 183), the Minister for Finance is a body corporate.
Now part of DBS Group Holdings Ltd.
Now part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd.
Now part of Sembcorp Industries Ltd.
Now part of Keppel Corporation Limited.
Formed to produce iron and steel in Singapore, NatSteel (formerly known as National Iron & Steel Mills Ltd) was first divested in 1986. Temasek reinvested in NatSteel in 1998 in support of their investment in Brazil. Temasek divested NatSteel in 2002 when NatSteel initiated a sale process.
Now part of SATS Ltd., a catering and airport services company.
Now jointly owned by Singapore Airlines Limited and SATS Ltd.