(as at 31 March)


Net Portfolio Value (S$b)


Net portfolio value Up S$43 billion from last year

Net Portfolio Value


Investments & Divestments (S$b)


Invested during the year Invested S$197 billion over the decade

Investments and Divestments

  • Investments
  • Divestments

Group Shareholder Equity (S$b)


Group shareholder equity Up S$148 billion over 10 years

Group Shareholder Equity

  • Fair value reserve
  • Shareholder equity before fair value reserve

S$ Total Shareholder Return (%)

Period in years


One-year return to shareholder Total shareholder return of 9% over 10 years

Total Shareholder Return


Portfolio by Geography (%)


Exposure to Asia Singapore exposure up S$24 billion over 10 years

Net portfolio value



Portfolio by Geography

  • Singapore
  • Asia ex-Singapore
  • Rest of world

Group Net Profit (S$b)


Group net profit Average annual group net profit of S$11 billion over the decade
2013 and 2014 data is restated due to the adoption of new accounting standards.
As at 31 March 2015.
Distribution based on underlying assets.
2005 data is on a restated distribution basis.