Building Capabilities

Research to Control Plant Flowering

Discovery of a timing mechanism that controls flowering in plants. Dr Toshiro Ito led the research, which could help predict harvesting time to improve food supply.


Technical and Vocational Education and Training Programme (TVET) in the Philippines

ITE Education Services trainers worked with 75 TVET leaders and specialists from the Philippines on ideas for effective industry collaboration programmes.


Water Management Programme in India

A partnership with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise to share best practices and train 100 officials from India in sustainable water project management.


Virtual Pink Dolphin Project

A three-year research project to develop software with virtual pink dolphins to help children with autism improve their social interaction and communication skills.


Nursing and Medical Programme in Indonesia

Partnering Tan Tock Seng Hospital to train 150 doctors, nurses and allied health professionals from Indonesia in cardiac life support and resuscitation skills.


Temasek Regional Regulators Scholarship (TRRS) Programme

Seven Asian central bankers and financial regulators were awarded the TRRS last year and completed WMI’s Master of Science in Wealth Management course.


Building People

Youth Model ASEAN Conference

Bringing together 200 student leaders from all ten ASEAN countries to discuss and shape perspectives on regional issues.


STEP-ITE Sunburst Innovation Programme

A programme where more than 100 Institute of Technical Education students and 30 other young people from ASEAN and China spent a week in Singapore participating in industry visits and engaging industry experts on using technology for innovation to benefit society.


Rebuilding Lives

Boys’ Town Project

Providing academic coaching and mentorship to the residents of Boys’ Town, a shelter for disadvantaged boys.


Individual Transitional Aftercare Programme

A two-year programme in partnership with iC@RE Hub and Yellow Ribbon Fund to provide support structures and supervision, including transitional housing and financial assistance, to female ex-offenders, and help them reintegrate into society.


Building Communities

Care Close to Home Programme

A pilot community-based programme supporting vulnerable seniors through holistic coordination of existing support services.


Our People, Our Music 2014

A Chinese orchestral concert with a record breaking 4,557 performers and choral singers to promote appreciation of Chinese music, and mark the opening of Singapore’s new National Stadium.